Meet the Electrical Engineers of Project MARCH – Michael Treffers

Hello all,

I am Michael Treffers. This year I am part of the third team of Project MARCH.
Our goal is to give back full mobility to people with a spinal cord injury.

Project MARCH was for me one of a relatively lesser known D:DREAM teams of the TU Delft. Last July I hadn’t heard about it, until a friend brought me in contact with the old team.
I have been hired as a software and control engineer but because of my background, one of my focus points is being the link between the software and electro department.

The first month, August, we used to gain a lot of knowledge from the old team and their design. Also we started with our high level concept, where we decided what the main improvements in our design will be.
For software these where: a new operating system, live monitoring, a better motor controller, variable step size and balance.

After our high level concept, we reorganised our team structure into different projects. Since then I am part of the joint project. My job is now to design everything between the motors of the joints and on the other side the power distribution and master software. This includes a motor controller, encoders(angle sensors), etc.

I will  go into more detail on these parts in the next blogs. See you next time!

Project MARCH