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Cybathlon Experience 2018

Team MARCH IV and Sjaan Quirijns


Cybathlon Experience 2018 - VICTORY!


On the 26th of September it was time for the Cybathlon. Time for a four day long competition, we worked towards for one whole year. An obstacle race where we would succeed four different obstacles with our exoskeleton. These obstacles were to be a sofa, a table with cups, a rough terrain and a slope with a door. The points to be gained for the different obstacles were 101, 104, 110 and 125 respectively. The race was all about gaining as much points as possible within a time range of eight minutes.

And how exciting it was! During the race we had two opponents, ROKI from Mexico and Symbitron from Twente (NL). Unfortunately, ROKI didn't make it trough the technical check and wasn't allowed to enter the racetrack. Symbitron however, was a strong opponent. Still, we managed to succeed, on the last racing day, to achieve most points. Therefore we can now call ourselves the winners of the Cybathlon Experience 2019! Curious to what this day looked like? Check out our last vlog of the Cybathlon vlog series! Today was also the last day for the Project MARCH Team 2017-2018. We would like to thank you for the past year! We wish all the best and good luck to the new team and we will follow them closely this coming year. 

We look back to a fantastic year with many highlights. In the meantime our team has returned to the Netherlands and has started with their masters. Of course we still reminisce the victory on the Cybathlon. There is no better way to finish the Project MARCH 2017-2018 year. Luckily the new team, MARCH IV, is already working very hard to optimize our exoskeleton and adding new innovations. So stay updated! Thank you for all your support. #MARCHon