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About Project MARCH 

Project MARCH is a non-profit organization which has the goal to design and build an exoskeleton for people with a spinal cord injury. The exoskeleton is built by students from the Delft University of Technology. These highly motivated students who contribute to Project MARCH do this entirely voluntarily. The Delft University of Technology provides them with a workspace located in the 'Dreamhall'.

Vision and Mission


Every year a group of highly motivated students and one pilot will form Project MARCH. We strongly believe that the exoskeleton is the solution for people with a spinal cord injury. Together they strive every day with one goal in mind:

"Give back full mobility to paraplegics, to participate in their daily life activities in a natural way" 

Our Goal

The goal of Project MARCH 2016-2017 is to develop an exoskeleton for paraplegics that can overcome all six obstacles of the Cybathlon within ten minutes. The Cybathlon is a competition for bionic athletes where commercial teams and academic team compete against each other. These six obstacles are translations of the challenges wheelchair users face every day.

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Innovative Technology

The exoskeleton which is made by Project MARCH is the first prototype exoskeleton made by a team of only students in the Netherlands. This year the design consists of the following focus points: compact joint design, custom electronics, and intuitive input device.



The Team

Teamwork makes the dream work! 

We truly are a group of motivated people, constantly challenging ourselves to the limits, to achieve our ultimate goal. Project MARCH is a multidisciplinary student team, making this incredible project a success and have a lot of fun!

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Meet our pilot

Our team is not completed without a pilot who will compete in the race with our exoskeleton! 

Our pilot has a spinal cord injury and therefore has no control of his body below the waist. We also work close together during the conceptual phase to receive feedback and further improve our design. 


Project MARCH is a very active team. We are trying to spread our vision and raise awareness of the importance of exoskeletons in our society in different ways. We attend many events and give presentations throughout the year, we are active on social media and keep everybody up to date via our monthly newsletter.

From the link below, you can find our publications, upcoming and attended events, media, and many more, enjoy!

Our Partners

Project MARCH is truly thankful for our partners for supporting the project. Without them, this project is simply not able to succeed. Our partners provide us with specific knowledge, production of parts or financial support. We effectively work together with all these companies, and strive for a long-term excellence and the perfect exoskeleton.