Project MARCH is looking for new teammembers for the team 2019-2020!

Do you want to contribute to the upcoming exoskeleton technology and change the lives of people with Spinal Cord Injury drastically, so that they are no longer bounded to a wheelchair? Do you want to participate in the Cybathlon of 2020 with the next team? Then Project MARCH is your challenge for next year!

This page will give you more information about the recruitment period.

Current team

Groepsfoto Cybathlon.jpg

The current team of Project MARCH consists of 23 full-time students from different faculties.

Are you curious about the team members of this year’s team?

Interest drinks and lunch


Do you want to receive more information about our team and the available functions? Come to one of our interest events in the D:Dreamhall:

February 18th - General Interestdrink

February 25th - Interestdrink MARCH

March 5th - Interest Lunch MARCH

Job descriptions team 2019-2020


Job descriptions for the 2019-2020 team can be found here.

The deadline for handing in resume + motivation letter is March 11th.