Project MARCH is still looking for some extra team members. 


However, we almost managed to start off with a complete team for 2017-2018! We are still looking for a full-time Electro engineer and a full-time team member who will stronger the Non-technical department. If you are interested in either one of the two functions please sent an email to!

If you are still curious in any other functions that can be fulfilled at Project MARCH? Don't hesitate to read the documents below and if you have any questions regarding the next application moment please contact us. In October Project MARCH will stronger her team with part timers and therefor a new application round will start. 


Do you want to take up the challenge of designing and building an exoskeleton in one year time?

Do you want to contribute to this upcoming technology? Do you want to enhance the life of many paraplegics which are now bounded to a wheelchair?

Do you want to Improve your skills in any of the fields below?


Non-technical department

Mechanical Department

Software & Control department

Structural Design department


Human Machine Interaction Department


If you have questions about the application process, please ook send an email to!


For Further information contact, please click: