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After the MARCH I, the MARCH II followed as second in the series of the MARCH prototypes. In the year 2016-2017 this suit was designed for pilot Ruben. This year focussed primarily on reliable functionality and technical optimization. For example, we worked on a compact joint design, light weight bone structure and customized electronics. The control system was also made to measure and processed in the stools. Curious about all specifications? Take a look at the list below!



Joint.3 jpg.jpg

Compact Joint Design

The human musculoskeletal system is extremely strong and compact by nature. To mimic this, the team designed a new joint using a strain wave gear, which allows us to have a high reduction ratio within a small volume. Together with our custom housing with integrated encoders, the design results in a very compact design, yet strong enough to deliver power for different leg movements. 



Inputdevicecrutch combi 2 jpg.jpg

Intuitive Input Device

To provide the pilot with a safe and reliable walk in the exoskeleton, the team designed its own input device. The main focus of the input device is to provide more intuitive control for the pilot. The team has designed a crutch handle that has integrated buttons so the pilot is able to control the movements of the exoskeleton by switching the movement modus. Furthermore, the input device has a screen built in which is able to provide feedbacks to the user for different modus. Hence, this intuitive input device allows the pilot to have an ultimate control over the exoskeleton.