Project MARCH is a non-profit students team. Our team is therefore also responsible to gather their resources to reach the goal every year. We can't achieve our goal without the help of our partners. Project MARCH is her partners very grateful for their support on the project, without the partners we could simply not succeed in our project.

Our partners give us specific advice, produce parts, and/or support us financially. We strive towards long-term cooperation with our partners to make a fantastic exoskeleton with their help. Do you want to become a partner? Take a look at the following page.

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Would you like to become a partner?

Would you like to become our partner? Read below what Project MARCH can offer you.

Project MARCH is a students team from the TU Delft, committed to the development of the ultimate exoskeleton. With the exoskeleton, we want to give people with a spinal cord injury mobility back so they can participate in daily life activities (again) and so improve their quality of life. Every year a new team of students voluntarily devote themselves to the development of the ultimate exoskeleton. This motorized harness, developed with the latest techniques and robotics, makes it for people with a spinal cord injury possible to stand up and walk again. And even much more in the future. The students work to improve and optimize the prototype of the year before. Co-creation is critical in this process. There is an active collaboration with the pilot: the person with a spinal cord injury that controls the exoskeleton, and the healthcare sector. At the end of the academic year, the ultimate test of the new prototype takes place in the form of a Cybathlon. In this competition, pilots in exoskeletons of international teams compete against each other. Within ten minutes they have to complete various everyday activities successfully.

Of course, we can offer counterparts to your consultancy, produced parts, or financial support. Together we are happy to discuss the possibilities for the implementation of this cooperation. Interested? Send an e-mail to or call 015-278 98 37.