Acquisition Manager

The Acquisition Manager keeps an overview of the sponsor deals with the partners of Project MARCH, which makes them essential for the project. You will use your strong social, negotiating and organizational skills to make the best deals with our partners. This means you will meet a lot of interesting people from various companies. Your work also includes maintaining existing sponsor relations of Project MARCH with external parties. This means you will provide the team with all resources necessary for the development of the exoskeleton.

Your main task is making the project successful by providing it with the necessary resources. This includes gathering production- & consultancy partners. You are also responsible for the reputation of Project MARCH in making sure expectations of partners are met. Some creativity is required in order to make a sponsor contract in line with our and our partners expectations. This means you will be in contact with a lot of different people!

Making clear agreements is important when making acquisition deals. This is achieved by establishing clear contracts with agreements from both sides. Even more important is maintaining a close relationship with all our valued partners.

The Acquisition Manager will cooperate a lot with all functions related to PR & Acquisition. Your tasks will be supplemented with items that are relevant at that moment. Will there be a big event? Then together you will contribute to the organization of this event. Is there an acquisition deadline or is there a need for production partners? Then you will all be busy with calling new partners.

Desired skills and experience

  • Excellent communicative skills

  • High sense of responsibility

  • Able to work under pressure

  • Able to make effective decisions

  • Able to keep overview

  • Motivated to tackle various tasks

  • High basis of self-motivation

  • Excellent presentation skills

  • Able to make well-fitted sponsor agreements

  • Professional appearance

  • Experienced with working in groups, projects and/or committees