Chief Engineer

The Chief Engineer is responsible for overseeing the technical aspects of the Project MARCH team. It is your job to support the team in determining the technical focus and making the right decisions. As a Chief Engineer you keep an overview on the entire design. Where parts connect with each other an interface is created. You assist in creating a clear overview of the interfaces so that the team can tackle the related challenges.

The Chief Engineer of Project MARCH belongs to the management team, as final responsible for the technical part of the Project. As Chief Engineer you work closely with the other members of management. Your job is to look ahead and to anticipate and solve possible problems as quickly as possible. 

You will design a system in which the engineers can challenge each other to deliver a high quality product. You quickly see technical problems and you distinguish fundamental problems from side issues. As Chief Engineer you make the bridge between the different technical disciplines in the project. This also helps you to map the interfaces that arise between the various sub-projects. That is why it is important that you like to delve into different technical topics. From electrical engineering and software to ergonomics and CAD programs, you will encounter it all. With your extreme enthusiasm for technology, you ensure that in the end a complete exoskeleton wins the race!

Desired skills and experience

  • Excellent written and verbal communicative skills

  • High sense of responsibility

  • Stress-resistant

  • Able to make effective decisions

  • High basis of self-motivation

  • Enthusiastic personality and able to encourage other team members

  • Able to keep a good overview

  • Excellent presentation skills

  • Leadership skills

  • High social skills

  • Professional attitude

  • Experienced with working in groups, projects and/or committees

Project MARCH