Data Analyst

During usage, the exoskeleton is generating all sorts of data, ranging from motor output to image sensor data. Are you interested in puzzling your way through heaps of information in search of optimizations for the exoskeleton? Then this function might be perfect for you! You'll focus on generating relevant information, after which you'll take steps to clear up the data for discussion with your team members. Together with the other engineers you'll be looking for specific improvements for the exoskeleton. Eventually, you'll be the one who knows how to get the most out of the exoskeleton and have it perform at maximum potential in the big race!

You'll start with setting up methods for retrieving as much valuable data from the exoskeleton usage as possible. This means you'll be writing and testing software, for example to test out sensors like positioning or imaging sensors. Maybe you'll discover that the addition of a new sensor will dramatically increase the usability.

Eventually, the retrieved data has to be processed for use in error detection or product optimizations. Together with the team you'll be looking for specific improvements. Maybe you and the other engineers will identify an immensely over-designed part or find how to win valuable time while climbing the stairs with a simple improvement. Using your creativity, you'll be gradually shaping your function together with the new team.

Desired skills and experience

  • Preferably: End bachelor or master Computer Science or comparable (Data Science & Technology, Applied Mathematics)

  • Preferably: Experience with data analysis

  • Knowledge of statistics

  • Creative, structured and analytical methods of working

  • Experience with programming

    • C/C++

    • Other programming languages (e.g. Python) also a bonus

  • Good communication skills

  • Experience with working in groups, projects and/or committees