Design Engineer

Will you make sure the design of the MARCH exoskeleton will be even more integrated? Then you are our new Design Engineer! You will concern yourself with the enclosures of the exoskeleton: How do you integrate it with the rest of the exoskeleton and what should be the appearance of the exoskeleton? By using your creative mind you will make sure the housing of the exoskeleton will be aesthetically pleasing, functional, and user friendly!

You will be responsible for the design of the housing of the exoskeleton. The housing has a few important functions, for example protecting the electronics and cables. Also, the housing should be strong enough to be able to lift the exoskeleton. This means you will have to work closely with the frame engineers and the electrical engineers. Furthermore, you can think of clever ways to easily remove the housing, for example when a battery needs to be replaced.

The housing of course also plays a vital role when it comes to the appearance and look of the exoskeleton. What does the pilot see and feel when he/she looks at it? And what does the public see? By designing (in CAD programs) and producing the housing, you can make sure the MARCH exoskeleton will have a unique, integrated look.

Desired skills and experience

  • Preferably: End of bachelor or master Industrial Design Engineering, Aerospace Engineering or Mechanical Engineering

  • In possession of a portfolio or an other overview of your designs

  • Experience with CAD program such as Solidworks or CATIA

  • Preferably: Experience with 3D printing and the relevant software for producing 3D parts

  • Good communicative skills

  • Creative

  • Visual minded

  • Interest in aesthetic design

  • Some knowledge of mechanics

  • Good at thinking of new design solutions, thinking out of the box

  • Experience with working in groups, projects and/or committees

Project MARCH