Fixture Engineer

As no other you know how a human works. Coming year you, as Fixture Engineer, will bring your knowledge in practice on the exoskeleton. By measuring the pilot, analyzing the walking patterns and making a lot of prototypes, you will connect the exoskeleton perfectly to the pilot!

As Fixture Engineer you will design the physical contact points of the exoskeleton with the pilot. Like no other, you know how the human body works and you can use this knowledge to seamlessly connect the exoskeleton and the pilot. Because the pilot has a spinal cord injury, they are susceptible to decubitus. How do you fasten the pilot and how do you make sure no decubitus ulcers can arise. Your days will alternate between designing contact points by putting them in a CAD program, and testing the new contact points with the pilot. In short, together with the Interaction Engineer and the Movement Engineer you will create the essential link between human and machine.

Desired skills and experience

  • Preferably: background in (HBO/WO) Orthopedic Technology, Ergotherapy, Clinical Technology or Movement Sciences, or comparable

  • Preferably: Knowledge of spinal cord injuries and the related symptoms and conditions

  • Preferably: Experience with designing contact points with humans

  • Interest in the anatomy of humans

  • Good communicative skills

  • Good at thinking of new design solutions, thinking out of the box

  • Able to design for interaction between human and machine

  • Experience with doing user research and user tests

  • Experience with working in groups, projects and/or committees

  • Experience with 3D printing and CAD programs is a bonus

Project MARCH