Operations Manager

One of the things the Operations Manager will be responsible for is the book keeping of the total project. This means that you keep track of the money flowing in and out and produce a financial annual report. You will work closely with the acquisition manager. In addition the operations managers will manage all logistics behind events and training occasions.

The Operations Manager of Project MARCH is part of the management team, responsible for finance and logistics. As Operations Manager you work closely with the other members of management. As management it is your job to look ahead and to quickly anticipate and solve potential problems. Within the management team, it is the responsibility of Operations Manager to ensure that Project MARCH performs optimally in terms of logistics and finance. You translate the requirements for developing the exoskeleton into a budget.

Maybe you'll find out with the engineers that we lack a consultancy partner on a certain level or that by using a new production technique a lot of money or time can be saved. On the basis of the budget you set goals for the acquisition. You will work closely with the Acquisition Manager to ensure that the resource requirements are met. When organizing our events, the Public Relations Manager, the Content Marketeer and the Team Manager are working hard on how we present ourselves to the outside world. You ensure that the logistics behind it is well organized so that Project MARCH can shine. When you start the training with your new exoskeleton, you and the relevant training responsible ensure that there is a good training schedule, where you will focus on logistics.

Because you translate the requirements from technology into a budget and take care of the logistics behind the event, you will work together with the engineers, PR, Acquisition and the Management Team. You will often support others in their daily activities.

Desired skills and experience

  • Effective communication skills, both written and verbal

  • High level of responsibility

  • Stress resistant

  • Being able to make difficult choices

  • High basis of self-motivation

  • Enthusiastic personality and able to motivate others

  • Skill for keeping overview

  • Leadership

  • Excellent presentation skills

  • Good social skills

  • Experienced with working in groups

  • Pré: experience with creating and managing a budget

  • Pré: experience with organizing events

Project MARCH