Project Manager

Developing an exoskeleton is no piece of cake. Around the start of May, your exoskeleton will be ready to participate in the four-yearly Cybathlon. As a Project Manager, you coordinate the entire team to deliver a functioning exoskeleton on time. You will be responsible for making a planning and you will make sure that well-considered decisions can be made based on this planning. This can be accomplished by creating an efficient working environment where both the engineers and the supporting functions such as PR and Acquisition can perform optimally. A Project Manager has a great sense of responsibility, confidence to make difficult choices, strong social skills and a structured way of working.

The Project Manager of Project MARCH is part of the management team, as responsible person for the planning. As a Project Manager you work together closely with the other members of the management team. It is your job to look forward, indicate possible conflicts on time and solve them beforehand. Within the management it is the task of the Project Manager to take extra care that deadlines are met.

As Project Manager it is your main task to make an effective planning and monitor this planning. For this, it is important to to coordinate the production timeline with internal and external resources. To keep an eye on this you will use suitable project management techniques to track the progress of the project.

The Project Manager coordinates and oversees the daily activities of the team. You will facilitate the different scrum meetings and retrospectives. For this, you use different methods from management schools such as Lean Manufacturing and Agile Methods. You are not afraid to use your brains to combine different methods to something that works for the team.

Desired skills and experience

  • Pré: Kennis van ontwerpcylci

  • Effective communication skills, both written and verbal

  • High sense of responsibility

  • Stress-resistant

  • Able to make effective decisions

  • High basis of self-motivation

  • Enthusiastic personality and able to encourage other team members

  • Able to keep a good overview

  • Able to lead the team

  • High social skills

  • Experienced with working in groups, projects and/or committees

  • Interest in technology

  • Interest in agile methods

  • Preferably: Effective time- & projectmanagement skills

  • Preferably: Knowledge of design cycli

Project MARCH