Team Manager

The Team Manager will serve as the spokesman of the project to external parties such as sponsors, the university and media. Besides that, the Team Manager is responsible for keeping the mindset in the team on a right level. The Team Manager is people-focused and aims to maximize the potential of all team members of Project MARCH. A social character and great empathetic capability are essential to fulfill this function.

As a Team Manager you will work together with the members from the Management Team on a close basis. As management team, it is your task to look ahead, foresee and solve any possible problems. Together with the entire team, you will set the team goals and make sure these goals are achieved.

Within the team, it is the Team Managers task to maintain a good working atmosphere. The team manager oversees and coaches the team members. You will have the role of mentor and mediator if any problems arise within the team.

The Team Manager is the representative of Project MARCH to the outside world. Activities include: Giving presentations, interviews with the press and expanding the network of Project MARCH. Together with team members doing PR, Marketing or Acquisition you will organize various events.

Desired skills and experience

  • Excellent written and verbal communicative skills

  • High sense of responsibility

  • Stress-resistant

  • Able to make effective decisions

  • High basis of self-motivation

  • Enthusiastic personality and able to encourage other team members

  • Able to keep a good overview

  • Excellent presentation skills

  • Able to lead a team

  • High social skills

  • Professional appearance

  • Experienced with working in groups, projects and/or committees