Content Marketeer

The Content Marketeer's goal is to make sure that the visual appearance of Project MARCH is consistent. You contribute to this goal by producing videos designing poster, banners and renders of the exoskeleton that can be used during various promotional events. It is your goal to create all promotional content that resembles the standards of Project MARCH. By increasing the brand awareness of Project MARCH, you greatly contribute to succeeding our project, for example by attracting new partners and the interest of potential new team members.

One of the goals of the Content Marketeer is showing the exoskeleton to the outside world. This is done by making visualizations in programs as Keyshot, Photoshop and InDesign. You will design posters and banners that are used at external events. Next to that, you will create the corporate identity of Project MARCH.

Project MARCH is very active on social media which means we need a lot of cool content! It is the Content Marketeer's task to create this content, by making photos and movies and editing them. The big Cybathlon of may 2020, an event where Project MARCH has been looking forward to in the past years, is an exciting challenge for you!

The Content Marketeer will cooperate a lot with all functions related to PR & Acquisition. Your tasks will be supplemented with items that are relevant at that moment. Is there a big event coming up? Then you will all contribute to the organization of this event. Is there an acquisition deadline or is there a need for production partners? Then you will all be busy with calling new partners.

Desired skills and experience

  • Excellent communicative skills

  • High sense of responsibility

  • Motivated to tackle various tasks

  • Able to work independently

  • Interest in making photo- and video material.

  • Experience in editing photo- and/or video material.

  • Experience in rendering is preferable

  • Experienced with working in groups, projects and/or committee