The month of the reveal
Last Thursday the moment was there: the reveal of the MARCH II! Last month we did a lot of preparations to make sure everything would go perfectly on the day itself. We are looking back at a very successful day with a press moment in the morning and a special reveal for our partners, family and friends in the evening. Besides the reveal, we also continued with training for the Cybathlon Experience of course, which will take place in one month already. In this newsletter you will find everything you want to know about our progress of last month!
Press moment
On the morning of Thursday the 31st of August, we revealed the MARCH II to the press for the first time. The press moment took place in the Dreamhall. Ruben took the first official steps and this attracted the attention of a lot of different media and we even appeared on the Dutch news! We really like the fact that there are so many positive reactions on our project and we are very happy to share our vision with more and more people everyday. Most of the publication with regard to our reveal can be found on our website (most of them are in Dutch).
Evening presentation
In the evening we invited our partners, family and friends personally to witness the reveal. The evening was led by Donald, who told about our goal and vision but also about the challenges we encountered during the year. After that a lot of excitement was built up by means of the video below, which sums up our year, with the incredible moment of Ruben walking up the stage in the MARCH II. This was the moment when we and the audience got goose bumps. The complete presentation can be watched back via this link. The evening was ended with some drinks, during which we talked extensively to our partners, family and friends. All in all it was an unforgettable evening and we are very satisfied. From now on we can start preparing for the competition!
The reveal of the MARCH II
Walking up the stairs
During the reveal, we showed to the world that we are able to walk with the exoskeleton. The upcoming month we will train for the other obstacles. Last Sunday, we traveled to Nijmegen to practice the stairs with Ruben for the first time. We built this obstacle ourselves with the same dimensions as the stairs of the Cybathlon Experience. This was a success, it went well the first time already. In the video you see Ruben climbing the first step and this went quite smooth. Of course, there is room for improvement especially when he steps down, as this was a bit too fast this time. This means that Software & Control has a point of improvement for the next training. The training was evaluated while enjoying a hamburger in the McDonald's. During the next training we will also try to go up and down the slope.
Training - Stairs
Start new team
While we are working hard on all the preparations and training for the Cybathlon Experience, a new team has started at the 14th of August, consisting of no less than 18 enthusiastic full-timers! In the last few weeks, they got to know Project MARCH, determine their own team structure and made their annual planning! The upcoming weeks, they will work on their High Level Concept. We wish them a lot of success and fun while developing the exoskeleton!

Did you know...
... most of us started their master study this Monday and thus have to study besides doing MARCH this last month?

... our reveal video have been watched 15.000 times already?
... around 2 million people saw the item about Project MARCH on the Dutch news during the news of 8 o'clock last Thursday? For three days we also appeared on the frontpage of the NOS app!
Coming month
Coming month we will keep training intensively and we will practice all obstacles of the competition and keep repeating them until the competition! Besides, we will transfer more and more tasks to the new team, so that they can take over completely after our competition.