A new year
First of all, on behalf of all team members of Project MARCH, we would like to wish you all the best for the coming year! Meanwhile, we have started to work on the project again after a well-deserved week of vacation. We are really looking forward to the upcoming year, in which we hopefully will achieve our goals successfully. In this newsletter we would like to give you an update on what we have achieved as a team towards the end of 2016 and what we are planning to achieve in the first half of 2017!
Introduction workspace 
Kees from the hall management introduced the equipment that is available in the D:Dreamhall to our team members. Of this we will make intensive use during the manufacturing stage of the exoskeleton. By attending this introducing workshop some of the team members are now authorized to use these machines in the future. 

The first important decisions
During the last week before Christmas the first important decisions were made with regard to the design of the exoskeleton. The different technical departments have presented their concepts to each other and too some members of the old team to receive valuable feedback concerning the possible concepts for the joints. Hereafter the first definitive choices were made with respect to the joints, which will be the basis for our exoskeleton. Furthermore, the strategies in the field of PR, acquisition and finance were presented and discussed. For each of these components a final policy is being composed, which will be valid during the coming year.
Social Media
Also this year we will actively use social media. If you don't want to miss a thing of Project MARCH during the rest of the month, apart from our newsletter, make sure you follow us through our other channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn). At the bottom of this newsletter you can find the links to our different social media accounts by clicking on the icons.

New partners
We are pleased to welcome the Stiching Agis Zorginnovatiefonds as new partner. Furthermore, the faculties of Aerospace Engineering, Industrial Design and Technology, Policy and Management have joined our circle of partners. Along with the rest of our partners, we will confidently continue our project.


Team activities
To celebrate the holidays and to strengthen the team bond we also enjoyed some team activities. Along with the other dreamteams we joined the BBQ in the D:Dreamhall, where employees of the D:Dreamhall made us some delicious and in our opinion Michelin star-worthy dishes during a cooking workshop. Furthermore, we toasted already to a successful new year.
Besides, we organized a Christmas drink ourselves for the whole team to usher in the holidays and to wish each other a happy new year in advance. In our fancy Christmas sweaters we enjoyed some "oliebollen" and glühwein, whereafter we made a team photo for our Christmas card. 

Did you know...
... the mannequin we bought for testing is called Marcha and is considered to be a real team member?
... our Chief Engineer often spends some time in the kitchen to make some very spicy sambal for the whole team?
... the girls of the non-tech department are almost always cold?
The upcoming month
In the upcoming month the concepts will be elaborated in a more detailed way and we will definitively reach the design stage. Therefore a lot of important choices will be made this month with regard to the final design and we will start with the preparation for the design presentation. Furthermore, our team manager will give a TED Talk during the TEDx event in Sittard-Geleen on the 27th of January on behalf of Project MARCH.