Second pilot
We are happy to inform you that our team will be strengthened by a second pilot from this moment on: Ruben de Sain! As some of you already know, Claudia, our first pilot,  has not yet completely recovered from a fractured leg and therefore she will not be able to walk in an exoskeleton for now unfortunately. Therefore we had to decide to add a second pilot to our team. Ruben will help us this year to realize the MARCH II and to overcome all six obstacles of the Cybathlon. He already has a lot of experience with walking in his own exoskeleton, namely the ReWalk, and therefore he will be able to give us a lot of very helpful feedback!

Innovation for Health
On the 16th of February we were present at the Innovation for Health congress that took place in the WTC of Rotterdam. Here we found some useful new contacts and Marise pitched about our project for extra sponsoring and about our ideas for the future. 

Critical Minds workshop
Furthermore, we had a useful workshop given by Critical Minds. They looked at our long term planning with us. The goal was to make this planning a lot more clear and visual for the whole team. In this way we are able to meet our deadlines more easily from now on! The day was ended with a nice drink together.
New department
This month it was decided to establish a sixth department within the team to improve the efficiency, namely team frame. Both the mechanical and the HMI (Human Machine Interaction) department split up partly and in this way team frame was formed. This department, as the name already suggests, will focus on the design and the construction of the entire frame and the fixtures of the MARCH II.
New 3D printer
Last month we received our new 3D printer, which we received from Ultimaker. Immediately, the first test models of the different components of the exoskeleton were printed by using this printer. These models are used to test these components subsequently. 

Team update
Last Wednesday we had a meeting with the whole team. First, we had dinner with everybody in the Dreamhall. Thereafter, each department gave a detailed update of their progress and some general topics were discussed. This meeting was very useful and helped to make sure the whole team is still on the same page. 
Design Presentatie and Martin van Rijn
As you all now, our design presentation will take place on the 24th of March in the auditorium of the Delft University of Technology. Last week you all received the invitation by mail, but to make sure, here is the link of the registration form once more: 
http://projectmarch.nl/en/march/design-presentation! Make sure you sign up yourself, since you don't want to miss this event!
Furthermore, this week we received the news that Martin van Rijn, the State Secretary of Public Health, has accepted our invitation to be present at our design presentation and he will also open the presentation by means of a short presentation!
Did you know...
... the TED Talk of our team manager gave at TEDxSittardGeleen is now online and can be found on YouTube ?
... ten different nationalities are represented within our team?
... we passed the 1500 likes on Facebook in the meantime? 
Upcoming month
This month we will mainly finish the design of the MARCH II and prepare the last important things for the design presentation, so that we can experience one of the first highlights of this year with all of you on the 24th of March!