Documentary 'Sta Op en Loop'
Yesterday the documentary 'Sta Op en Loop' was broadcasted at NPO2. In this documentary the story of Claudia is told, who learns to walk again by means of an exoskeleton and starts a collaboration with the first team of Project MARCH to realize her dream even more. Together they start training for the Cybathlon, the first bionic 'Olympics'. But despite the ambitions and the dedication of everybody the reality seems to be tougher than expected. However, this somewhat cumbersome start forms the base of a very promising future. In case you missed the documentary, you can watch it here! (Note: the documentary is in Dutch)
On the occasion of the documentary, Claudia was present during Pauw at Friday the 28th of April together with Nick, the Chief Engineer of the team of last year. Here they talked about the documentary, exoskeletons in general and the collaboration between Project MARCH and Claudia. In case you missed it, you can watch the fragment here
RoboBusiness Europe
From the 19th until the 21th of April RoboBusiness Europe took place in the World Forum the Hague. This is one of the biggest international robotics fairs in the world. Project MARCH had a stand here too for all three days thanks to RoboValley and here we were able to introduce a lot of people to our exoskeleton. Even prince Constantijn visited our stand during this event! 
Ruben starts training
Something else we started with last month is building all six obstacles we want to overcome at the end of the year with the MARCH II and Ruben as the pilot. In the meantime the slope is finished completely and this obstacle is already delivered in Nijmegen, so that Ruben can start training with it in advance with his ReWalk. In that way he can include the different obstacles in his standard walking routines, so that he can already get used to the track. Since Ruben thinks the slope is the most challenging obstacle, we placed this one in Nijmegen first. The other obstacles will be completed this month and after that they will also be brought to Ruben!

Dwarlaesie Organisatie Nederland
At the 8th of April we were present at the DON-dag, which is a day full of workshops and presentations organized by the national organization for paraplegics in the Netherlands together with rehabilitation center Adelante. Here we presented our exoskeleton to a lot of people who have a spinal cord injury themselves and they learned us to move around in a wheelchair in turn, which wasn't as easy as we expected... It was really interesting to meet a lot of people on whose life an exoskeleton can have a large impact. 

PCB Layout Workshop
As the custom electronics get more complex in design, so does the implementation. A great amount of skill is required to properly layout a custom PCB. Henk is a PCB Layout Lead Engineer at Sintecs, one of our partners, and he specializes in layouts and routing of advanced PCBs. Last week, he was at our workshop for an entire day to teach us all the ins and outs of PCB layouting. The four of our Electrical Engineers eagerly absorbed all information that was presented that day, which was of incredible help for a proper PCB design. 

Did you know...
... we will participate together with Ruben in the Wings for Life Run in Breda at the 7th of May, of which all registration fees will go to spinal cord injury research?
... we are also extending our new website? You can take a
look already!
... we already started with the interviews of the application procedure for the core team for next year?
Coming month
Coming month a lot of big steps will be taken with regard to the building process. The joints went into production in the meantime, it is now possible to control the motors by means of one central computer and the points of support of the frame are being optimized with feedback of Ruben. We will also go on a teamweekend to keep the team spirit high.