In order to spread our vision and to raise awareness of the importance of exoskeletons in our society we make use of media repeatedly. For example, we have a monthly newsletter, you can follow us through our social media channels and our articles are regularly being published. 



During the year we attend many events to introduce a big audience to Project MARCH and exoskeletons in general. For instance, we give presentations or we are part of an exhibition with our exoskeleton.



To give a good idea of hat it's like to be part of Project MARCH for a full year, blogs are written by some team members, in which they tell you about their progress and their role within the team. 

Electrical TT 2.png

Technology Tuesday

Every Tuesday it is Technology Tuesday: one of our technical departments will give a brief explanation about the parts of the exoskeleton they are working on and with that they will explain the technology behind it in more detail! A nice overview of all Technology Tuesdays can be found here: