On the 7th of May, the Wings for Life World Run took place. This is a run of which all registration fees goes to spinal cord injury research. From all over the world, thousands of people started at the exact same moment with one goal in mind: to run for those who can't. This race is very unique since the participants do not run a specific distance. A so called "Catcher Car" starts driving half an hour after the start and starts chasing the runners. When a participant is overtaken, he or she is eliminated. Therefore, it is as if the finish line is chasing you, instead of you aiming to run toward it. 

On behalf of Project MARCH, we set up a team in order to contribute to this charity run. We were very delighted that our pilot Ruben participated in this race with his own exoskeleton as first person in the world to show that walking for such a long distance is possible for people with a spinal cord injury. But also it was eye opening for many people that there is still a long way to go before this technology is completely optimized and also available for everybody. During this race, Ruben was able to cover a distance of 1 kilometer, until he was overtaken by the Catcher Car. This is already a big achievement, but we promise you; next year he will walk even further!

To get an impression of the whole Wings for Life World Run and to see Ruben walk for all others that are not able to do so yet an after-movie has been made: