We have asked the founder of Project MARCH, Eiso Vaandrager, to kick-off this campaign. Read below, his answer to the question „Why MARCH?“ 

#WhyMARCH “Are you working on something that can change the world? Yes or no?”

"As the founder of Project MARCH I was attracted to the model of the Cybathlon. I know from experience that a challenge like this generates a lot of passion and innovation, as in the past I have set up the Nuon Solar Team team and the Forze Hydrogen Electric Racing team. I started Project MARCH as I believe that a small team of passionate students can ultimately develop the required technology to change the lives of millions of disabled people. The model of Project MARCH allows for rapid innovation cycles combined with the passion and creativity of a student team. I have no doubt that Project MARCH will make a significant contribution to this goal over the coming years. Keep Marching!" - Eiso Vaandrager