Today we asked Karel Luyben, Rector of Delft University of Technology to answer to the question: "Why do you believe in the exoskeleton?" Read his answer below and grab the chance to see the importacne of this technology from his perspective.

#Whymarch "Because technology will make the difference in society."

"As Rector Magnificus I strive for the achievement of high quality research and education, but also to create impact as Delft University of Technology. Impact in that sense that our research contributes significantly to society. The combination of research and education does not only lead to new visions, but also leads to economical activities. It stimulates new activities of companies that bring solutions and products to the market. Of which there are many good examples. One of them is Project MARCH, a team that wishes to give back full mobility to paraplegics by means of building an exoskeletons. A life-changing and promising technology. This amazing project focusses on the equal treatment and participation of paraplegics in future society. The direct contribution to improved quality of life by means of technology, that is what I support." - Karel Luyben