Already the third week of the campaign #WhyMARCH has started. This week, we asked Ilse van Nes to answer to the question: ‘Why do you believe in the exoskeleton technology?’ As a doctor, specialized in rehabilitation medicine, at the Sint Maartenskliniek, Ilse is closely involved in the exoskeleton training programme. Paraplegics have to follow this programm in order to learn to walk in the exoskeleton. Read her vision on the exoskeleton technology below. 

#WhyMARCH "Everyone should have the opportunity to walk, even with a spinal cord injury."

"As doctor, specialising in revalidation, it is my dream to give everyone with paraplegia the chance to walk. Walking means so much to people. Overcoming inconveniant obstacles, like stairs up and down. But also looking someone straight in the eye. A lot of people are not aware of the importance of that, but imagine to spend your whole life sitting. Besides that, standing and walking both provide benifits for your health, like decreased pain, stronger bones, better bloodflow, fewer spasms and a better bladder and colon regulation. All of this has a direct and positive effect on the quality of life. The exoskeleton is still in its infancy, yet we already see impressive results. With technical evolution, which is already going on, this will completely change the lives of paraplegics in the future. Within the Sint Maartensliniek we feel it is an honor to contribute to this fantastic development with our experience and expertise." – Ilse van Nes