Today in #WhyMARCH we asked Chris Oomen, CEO of DSW healthcare insurances and one of Project MARCH' biggest partners, to answer to the question: "Why do you believe in the exoskeleton?" Read his contribution to our campaign below. 

#WhyMARCH “Innovation can only thrive by holding on to what is truly important” - Chris Oomen

"Innovations do not originate, grow and survive on their own, but only by holding on to what is truly important. Project MARCH has a clear goal: to enable a paraplegic to stand up and walk again or to climb the stairs. Because it is a multi-year project, with a new team every year, motivated students from different study backgrounds get the chance to make the skeleton better, more advanced and more compact.
Here lies the interface with DSW. DSW is a health improver. We are always looking for ways to enhance the care for a patient or a group of patients. Increasing the freedom of a paraplegic, in addition to the practical advantages, also entails numerous other health improvements for the patient. " - Chris Oomen