Week six of #WhyMARCH has come, which asks for a special contribution. This week we met with Jos Dekkers. As chairman of the Dutch Organisation for Spinal Cord Injuries, he pursues the same mission as the team of Project MARCH. We asked him the question: “Why do you believe in the exoskeleton?” 

“Rehabilitation and recovery of Spinal Cord Injury at the dawn of a new age: Robotics, like the MARCH exoskeleton are an important keystone” –Jos Dekkers

“The rehabilitation of Spinal Cord Injury has in the past decennia especially been about learning to live with this distressing deseas: Besides a distored walking- or armfunction, the list of serious discomforts is very long and moreover varying per person. There has been achieved a lot, but still the life with a Spinal Cord Injury is not particularly fun for any involved. That is why we are very enthousiastic about the lifechanging robotics, like the MARCH exoskeleton. In combination with BCI (Brain and Computer Interfacing) it is even getting possible to control such robotics with your brain. The first spectacular results are already available in the robot arm technology: Another example of a medical-technical assisting device, comparable to the exoskeleton. 
Only because of driven, persistent and creative minds like the team of Project MARCH, these innovations are created. Our quality of life and social participation will increase strongly by this; our dependancy of expensive societal provisions will decrease largely. That is why this project deserves a broad (financial) support.” – Jos Dekkers

(Foto Inge Hondebrink ©)