#WK5 This week again a special and very valuable contribution to the campaign #WhyMARCH: Ruben de Sain, Pilot of MARCH II. He, as no other, can share not only his vision on the exoskeleton but also his experience with the technology. Read his answer to the question: Why do you believe in the exoskeleton? 

“Because it’s one step closer to a future with less medical complications, less pain and less wheelchairs for patient’s with spinal cord injury.” – Ruben de Sain

“After being in a wheelchair for years, forced to look up to people, litteraly, every day, the feeling to stand up again and look people in the eye again is undescribable for a paraplegic. Besides that, I am able to move without a wheelcair and can even walk the stairs again: Both things I would have never thought to be able to do again. Besides the emotional benefits, the exoskeleton improves overall condition of the user significantly. Think about improvement of the blatheral function, bloodflow, bone strength and a decrease of the chance of decubitus. Also from my own perspective I can tell that the exoskeleton contributes to the improvement of health conditions: My back ache is over!
As pilot of Project MARCH 2017 I experienced the enthusiasm, passion and pleasure that the students of the TU Delft had by building a well working exoskeleton. Now is the challenge for the new team to make the technique even better and more advanced. This will help with overcoming the obstacles faster but especially more easily. It would be great if we see the ideas of today on the commercial exoskeletons of tomorrow.
The challenge now is to ensure that the exoskeleton will be included in health insurances so that this innovation becomes available to everyone that qualifies. “ – Ruben de Sain