Today it’s time for a new update with regard to team joint! In the meantime, the first iteration of our homemade joint came in and we started with the testing of this joint. But how do we operate during this testing phase? 

First of all, the dry assembly takes place. This means that all separate parts of the joint are being assembled, during which no grease is used yet in the bearing and the harmonic drive. This first dry assembly is important in order to precisely adjust the encoders (angle sensors), and with that the angle the joint will make. 

After this, it’s time for the first simple tests with regard to position control. This is required to verify the encoders are functioning properly. This first test is shown in the first movie, in which is can be seen very clearly that the joint turns to two different positions. 

Subsequently, it’s time for the wet assembly. For this the whole joint is first being stripped down again and a lot of grease is rubbed in, before the joint is assembled again. This can be seen in the second movie (the time-lapse). This grease improves the lifetime and the efficiency of the joint drastically. 

After that it’s time for the real deal: the testing of the moment of force the joint can deliver, and with that the force it can provide. For this we make use of dumbbells and the set-up shown in the first photo. In this way, we are able to attach different weights to this set-up and with that we can measure the exact moment of force the joint can deliver. Besides, we can use these dumbbells also to keep ourselves fit during waiting of course, as you can see in the last photo!