Today is all about Team Frame. They are responsible for the design of the entire frame of the exoskeleton, consisting mainly of the bones and the fixtures. The fixtures are the points of interconnection between exoskeleton and the body and ensure that the pilot is fixed in a good and safe way while walking in the exoskeleton.

The past weeks they mainly worked with CATIA, a software program that is used to design mechanical objects. In this program they made the bones and they put the fixtures in the right positions, after which they will now start checking what impact these positions have on the entire exoskeleton. By doing this they want to find out if the fixtures are in the right place by loading them into the assembly. Together with the joint an iteration will follow on the shape of the bones and soon the wiring and all other further detailed engineering will take place. The bones will most likely be made of aluminium. Some designs that are made in CATIA are shown in the pictures below.