Today is for the joint department. They are responsible for the design of the joints of the exoskeleton. A compact joint design is one of the main focus points of this year.

The base of our joint design was a very compact gearbox (Harmonic Drive) to allow high transmission in a small volume. We also custom-picked all the other components: a small yet powerful (drone) motor, very strong angular bearings, oil seals to protect our parts from grease and precise encoders that can measure the angle of the joint for our Software & Control boys. On the first photo a schematic overview of the joint design is depicted with all these components.

To fit all these components in our joint we designed our own housings to complete the actuator. This comes with a lot of difficulties for our engineers, as all of the different part have their own requirements on size and tolerances. To accomplish this a lot of construction drawings are made, which are being optimized continuously. On the second picture some of the drawings can be seen.

At this moment the first joint is in production, so we expect to be assembling our first joint any time now, after which we will start testing our design.

Mechanical TT 1.png